samuele sentieri massimo ruffini
nicola campani davide medici

For our english speaking friends – part 1

We are working on the english version, but meanwhile we would like to update you all. It is good that pictures are speaking in an universal language and we hope they do and will make you participate to our experiences and sensations. Yesterday it was a very very very long day. We started at 1.30 am from Collagna, through Roncadelli and Vezzano we reached Bologna airport. Dapo smiled and most of the excess weight was let through… The power of a smile… After 20 hours we landed in Anchorage, left all our fingerprints in the database and had 15 minutes of “problems” since we could not find the bag with the tents and some of the gear! Some guy took the bag thinking it was his!!! He came back and we left before Ruffo thought of closing the guy inside his own bag for a close inspection of the details. I have to admit that the guy must have been really tired to exchange his grey bag for our black bag… Jet lag is tough sometimes, but we had all the luggage so we left happy on a taxi driven by a Mexican who ha d an idea where Reggio Emilia is because it is close to Maranello and the Ferrari. We are staying at a lovely b&b, see pictures, had a stroll in Anchorage to reach a decent time for dinner and went to sleep after 27 hours from the start. The city is small, the crab is the local speciality and we will make sure to test it before leaving. We are all looking forward to be on Denali and climb! 

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  1. maurettt ha detto:

    vai sem vai ruffo , yeah man yeah man… come sono le alaskesi ? gnocche ? ….un abbraccio da gaetano …. yeah yeah :-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))…. e dal maurett. e vai di crab !