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From the Apennine snow to the Alaskan ice

Following the Chooyu2008 and Gasherbrum2011 expeditions, we now are now entering the Denali2012 expedition and we want you to be part of our efforts and emotions. We want to share with you our adventure on Mount McKinley, either if you are at home, working or travelling.

You can check the expedition on this website, on Facebook or on Twitter. We apologise if you are not high-tech, but pigeons cannot fly due to the low temperatures, which reach -32 to -40 degrees C. I’m cold just by translating it…

Mount McKinley summit is at 6,194 meters (20,320 feet). The altitude is slightly below Camp 2 of the Gasherbrum expedition, however it is much (sic!) closer to the Arctic Circle. The jet streams tower over the area and affect the climate in the region and on the summit. The area is tough for humans!

The Denali, as it is named in the native language, is the highest mountain of North America and together with Mount Foraker is one of the two rocks that according to the legend, God threw in the sea to stop a man looking for love. He wanted to make is quest more difficult, as it is and should be!

From here we start, living our lives and looking within ourselves in another country and another culture. We humbly try to reach the summit, without any additional oxygen and with our strength only. We plan to descend the mountain with the same pair of ski that we are using on the Apennines in these days of training, making the most of the last bits of snow. The same Apennines that will be in our minds in Alaska.

We will depart in the early morning of the 22 May and after 11 hours on a plane we will land in Anchorage at 10 am, after only 4 hours (according to the local clock).

After a few days to finalise the expedition we will move to Talkeetna, a town below Denali where the Rangers will brief us on safety and to-do things.

From Talkeetna we will fly to the glacier at the base of the mountain, 4,000 m below the summit and from there we will start the climb. Each of us will haul a sledge to Camp 4 with gear, food and supplies. We will leave the sledge and go to Camp 5 at approximately 5,000 m from where we will head to the summit as light as possible. The plan is to ski to Camp 4 along the 50 degrees slopes on the South West side of Denali.

We will make use of technology as much as possible, so that we can share with you all our adventure and experiences. Our kits will be recharged with solar panels and a micro (micro) wind turbine assembled specifically for the purpose by Davide.

We start the adventure thinking differently, we want to be in touch with Nature and with ourselves and we strongly hope that you want to be with us and support us all the way to the summit.

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