samuele sentieri massimo ruffini
nicola campani davide medici

Camp 4

We are all at camp 14,000 aka medical camp. This is the camp we will use to wait for a window in the weather to head for the summit !  The slopes of the Culoir Messner and of the Orient Express remind us of the Scilla and Cariddi legend, inviting us as being calm but with hard and dangerous ice below the thin layer of snow (note from Volo, who is translating this post written by Dapo. I’m doing my best at 4500 m asl without Internet and with a relatively limited, unfortunately, classical knowledge. If the Scilla and Cariddi stuff is not the correct one, try to be in my shoes. Would you do much better???? Kidding of course).

Last night it was really cold and Dapo and Volo were woken up by a storm at Windy Corner. We are still wondering if camping there was the best of the ideas, do you think it was named after some reason?!) but we joined Sam and Ruffo who meanwhile started bealding the shelter at camp 4!

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