samuele sentieri massimo ruffini
nicola campani davide medici

The decision point

We are slowly moving through the day, at times it is snowing at times the sun appears. We are working hard to recharge all batteries for cameras, iPad and satellite phone. The weather forecast are forcing us to move quick and the very high cold is forcing us to use a lot of the fuel for cooking and producing water. We are under a lot of physixal and mental pressure.

The decision is taken. Dapo, Sam and Ruffo will head to camp 5 tomorrow morning (friday) with only the strict necessary on the backbacks, try to summit between saturday and sunday and quickly ski down to base camp. Volo has decided to return to base camp with some fellow italian climbers met at the medical camp. Davide thinks that the climb to camp 5 is within his technical limits, however the environmental conditions suggest him to keep some safety margin which is not enough at this point. The climb has stopped for him, but the adventure continues with the heart close to his fellows.

Descending to base camp will be fantastic within this glaciar.

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